Word Mirror 01

A word mirror is a system I use as an aid to write poetry. They are a system of random, unconnected words written down spontaneously to free up the rational processes of thought.  They are an unlimited resource for inspiration and great for loosening writer’s block.  So take a long deep look to feel the quickening of your own creative imagination.

The fabulous iconic prototype    Polkerdot bureau   The impossible segregation liason  Outrageous tacographs  Symposium Del Mar  E-crime nostalgia  Non-lethal binary narrator  The monument fractal alliance The overlooked sunburst vibration Entheogenic jazz    Liquid conquistador  The timpani vista   Hyper infinity   The latest satellite amendment   Polymorphous emphatic Rimbaud’s coda Bolognese machine gun   Affinity conjecture   The maxi crime of the molecule   Anthology incidence   The imperceptible concealed pressure grab   Semaphore    pornography  Icarus confusion   Mistaken hitherto Lighthouse corpuscle The methodical contradictory government kernal   The definitive Pontiac satellite verb   Repetition hyper wave   Nerve poison bric-a-brac   Emphasis junky    Initiation constant   Jocular missal    Ressurection velocity   The trembling multilinear hamburger dawn   Creator god typeface   The continuous freedom accolade   The syntax of multitudinous ambiguity  Rhythm yeast   Incunabula wire   Soporific membrane   Duvet conspiracy   Tabasco landing   Fabulous mothership icon   Domicile filigree   The resignation studio   Meltdown incubus   The preposterous circus malcontent    Generous massacre   The absolute right now genre sale   The automatic torpor network   Genius phobia   The latest anthracite catacomb    My favourite arithmetic knoll   Empathy missile strike


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