By The Fire

By the fire where we come to be healed
in the warmth of your flames
and the light of your hearth

By the fire, we will find our own voice,
where we will scream out your name
while you dry all our tears

By the fire, there will be a count
of the days, where pieces of the sun
will merge with your soul

(in the time of the 12 baktuns
and 13 ahau)

By the fire, in your warmth we will dance
and our fine mortal flesh
shall resonate with the stars

By the fire where we will draw one
perfect breath and learn to see
for the very first time

To stare into your bright raging heart

To take what we need from your rich amber soil

Where love shines and vibrates in the womb,
electric and sacred

In a place without separation

When the people of the Earth
can find peace and be renewed

Warmed by fierce mustard heat,
scented with lemon grass
and raw crimson light

Shining like quartz in the dark acid night.


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