Creation Myths And Candy Flips

This life has risen to ozone heights from a
bedrock plain of molten dust
where amoebas dream of solar tears
to implant the Earth
with karmic seeds
magma veins filled with raw endorphins
and junk DNA
ripping holes in the dragon lines
electric protein mixed with liquid smoke and H2O
sparked into being on medicine wheels
of pure MDMA
this time we’re going deeper than we’ve ever been
before, splitting
atoms to gain shining subatomic truths
extracting raw seratonin
like human juice
to carbon date what cannot be healed
creation myths laced
with kalagni oil and candy flips
and sacred formulas
with gentle time-release organic codes
perfect crystal visions
vibrating with dark isotopic thunder
melting like breath
and leaving no clues.


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