Diamond Rain

Diamond rain you are the breath of stars
a bubble dance of electric pearls

A flash mosaic of liquid light
teeming in the splintered sky

You are infinite, eternal
You emanate from the Source

Your power is the unwavering pulse of
raw particle energy

Your dance is a wild uber jig of gamma ray

Your song is a deep mono-thrum of  rogue
thunderbolt jazz

You feel like cold laser thorns biting into
the machinery of the skin

You cover the Earth with rapturous starlight confetti

You are designed to awaken the fire in all living cells,
to activate the mission bell in our human DNA

You are not in any text book or school syllabus

You are in our bloodstream and our nervous system

You are the carrier of cosmic information

A dharma matrix of luminous photon light

Shimmering with psy-dust and tingling nano-glitter

To salmon-jack the body, to electro-jerk the soul

To make the cupola of our minds ring true and pure
with the sweetest timbre of knowing.


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