In A Place Of Radiance

Did I wake you from your ancient dream
with my siren call of electric myths

The ones that hold all the diamond seeds
and fill the air with sweet motets of fibonacci verse

It has taken many lifetimes to meet you here
in these licentious staccato lanes

A veil has been drawn over the Earth
and the time has come to raise
your favourite nihilistic sword

To pierce through the wasted iambic streets

To enter our hearts and to electrify our flesh

Here at the crossroads of dead neon runes,
smothered in churches
and sly speakeasy monuments to old aniseed whores

Where they once polluted a spring
and burned all the trees to black resin stubs

Where they once buried a needle of lime
and subverted your power with dark ritual glyphs

Earth resonance, these are your days coming back
and theirs shrinking away,
drying like poison tears on the lips of the damned

My work is to prepare the ground
and to carry your name as a secret forever in my heart

To wake up the sleepers

Here in the lightning fields and the bare parchment hills
where they hold all your memories
in lead covered tenements of dungeon grade stone

Where they idolise false knowledge
and are infected with greed

and drug all their children in gasping
Temazepam fields

Earth resonance, this is your hour to be loosed

Now is the time
to dance a wild silvery ziggurat mazurka of bliss

To smash through the vast continents of minerals and rocks

To race up our spines and to activate the selenite in our blood

So we can resonate in the circuit of stars

Mother of the Universe

So we can match your vibration and open our eyes to eternity

To return a hero in a new diamond body

Where the mind tingles and reverberates with prana
and the flesh shines and pulsates with a billion
new molecules of knowledge

Here in this place

Where breath is held constant and the journey back,
perilous and uncompromising

And the fans of the heart spangle and flare
like the Sun reaching out to the Earth

In the dazzling, molten aurora of a luminous new dawn.


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