Word Mirror 02

Okay, here’s my second Word Mirror exercise. Just scan over the words and phrases to see what bursts into your imagination. There are no rules, just mix and match, scramble or weave until the raw outline of a poem begins to take shape. Viva subconsciousness!

Ambient tears    The eponymous zeitgeist legend    Bird mask gods    Lightning impermeable    Fin-de-siecle  distortion ring   The relentless hypno-media solution    Aurora diamond  kinship   Champagne cholera   Venal addendum   The minus prodigy code   Laissez-faire germ plasm    Sub-prime alchemy    Rising sun temple cult    Internment infusion strategy    The aluminium narcotic shield    Broken rainbow database     Unfathomable Daimler  elite    The vociferous information contagion report    Love gland   Bivuoac shampoo    Conurbation theory   VIP subordinance ticket   The particle trust  Epiphany channel   The Orwellian intervention strategy   Indictment software   Event candy   Consequence enzyme   The domestic radical directive  Mutual corporate illusion  The empire of bees    The nu jungle Darwinian schematic    Predictable mass non-cooperation  Love heart vermillion   Psychosynthesis     Reality guitar portfolio    The seminal bonsai samaritan     Sinuous obscure    Hallmark finistration     The deceptive teleprompter carnival disease The implacable denigration solution    Projection monolith  junky   Uber furnace investment strategy    Number one consecration formula  Bollox assurance action line    The Mona Lisa titillation plan    Juniper acid   Frustration theory    Risk free sex crime Money back enlightenment programme   The depravity compass     Bamboozle resistance   Last hope genre    Confusion nano-seed    Release syndrome    Jingoistic lemon zest   Baltimore serenade    Pinnacle studies   The laugh-out-loud restoration deal    Eskimo jazz     The surcharge energy bulletin   Vampire bonding   Commitment device   Mystery dolls    International glory control     Solar emblem cult   Concessionary fever monkey   Bastard resolution negotiator   Voodoo mission scam


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