Endgame Days Of Flesh And Soul

You wanted Dolce & Gabana
sacred high street truths

Versace patent leather space age
neon shoes

Burgers, big macs, DVDs, glitterati pills

Mobile phones to scorch our bones,
cold electric thrills

You wanted fake karaoke taxi rides,
pizza rush death trips

MTV nail bombs

Formaldehyde autogeddon,
daytrips to prozac heaven

An electric dreamscape of cool zombie
sine wave sci-fi freaks

And chilled out crackhead promenade flesh
strung out across the latex mile

You wanted the lifestyle…..

The endgame days of flesh and soul

The sleepless 24/7 dot com stores

The perfect teeth and hair

Giant inflatable Jacob Epstein reefers and
digital BMW lawns with elegant Prada homes

You wanted obedient human genomes

Syndicated Coca-cola, botox and liposuction,
pixels, megabytes

Steaming commuter hour cappuccino stores
shining in the artificial light

You wanted call centre stem cells, KFC prayer mats,
Drive-thru angels, ring tone Buddhist chants

Microchips, synthetic dreams, futuristic mezzanines

You wanted modern germless interiors
by Damian Hirst

And smiling white coated economists
with dark machine hearts

Last minute.com Hollywood yoga
and Monsanto caffeine

Soft porn and polythene

You wanted mental acid diacetyl,
pounding narcoleptic drumbeats

Strobing flash symbols and sedatives,
subliminal sub-atomic basslines

Music for airports, aspartame, paracetamol

You wanted lone gunmen waiting for autographs
on the sidewalk

And dead British scientists wearing
bloody WMD crowns

Thrash metal and Frankenstein children

A multitude of auto-suggestive consumers
and credit slaves

You wanted images of shock and awe
for the folks back home

For the biometric and fingerprinted masses

For the Nokia Generation hooked on pop tarts
and Tae Chi

You wanted zeitgeist manipulators in
alternative reality suits

Comedy fairground presidents, telegenic religion,
petro-dollar churches

Theme parks and distractions

Perma-grin spin doctors with snap-on
rotating heads

Soundbites and sangsara, music hall
and melodrama

Legions of ex-rehab survivor hippie chicks
and skateboard dude surfer bums

All dreaming of the next big synthesised wave

You wanted high octane mescaline,
secret Himalayan stimulants

Ambrosia and nectar, peyote and soma

The strongest Tibetan and Nepalese,
the elixir of the lotus flower and honey bees

Sparkling multidimensional mind altering tinctures
and serums to make you feel whole

So you could remain in the days of flesh and soul

So you could gorge on genocide and terrorism

So you could freebase with reality

You held all the aces and ruled over a world
anaesthetised by shock art and E-numbered food

By deadly jabberwocking toads in pock-marked
mannequin suits

By a wave of class A hed kandi

By a phalanx of bloodline personal trainers

You pressed your foot down hard on the lid
and never gave an inch

You started wars and fucked up the world
with rambling psychotropic verse

With fast food and sugary carbonated drinks

You wanted loyalty and commitment,
hierarchy and ritual, the ultimate showride

A hyperphysical prison without any bars

An elite of fawning, obsequious high ranking
placemen and women

Nations of identical line dancing marionettes

And swarms of synchronised urban commuters
all holding their breath until they get into work

You wanted order and control, dubious
fundamentalist theories

Dangerous Saracen magic, double entry
book keeping

Nintendo and nano-technology

Bleeding plaster saints, buried terracotta armies,
a poison gas cloud of noxious built-in-obsolescence

You read the signs and tried to plug the holes
by taking too many interactive drugs

You’d thought you’d spun a web, hung a net

But instead you got dharma seeds incarnating
as angel flesh

You got incoming RPGs and burning
kerosene martyrs

Boeing 757s circling over Capitol Hill

You got seven, eight year old kids throwing
stones in the street

You got unabombers and mainframe hackers,
guerilla hall widows, freedom fighters, dissidents

Gung-ho hip-hop resistance, meltdown
and interference

Dark tantric electricity, white noise and static

You got ozone sickness and karmic blisters,
seratonin and oxygen poisoning

Huge weeping hydro-carbon sores,
deadly mutating akashik flu

You got your wavelength jammed by a
sharp cosmic burst of crop circle typography

By a millennium plague of shanty town UFOs

By a thousand random acts of pointlessness

By a starving ragged band of marauding feral children

By the constant organic humming of ancient
pagan sites

You saw the signs and knew a change was coming

A raising of consciousness, a tsunami of
human love

You wanted order and perfection

But all you got in the end was a lethal
injection of junk DNA

You got the balance wrong and came plummeting
down to Earth,

Trailing a container of yellow and red hot ash
in the sky

You made all the prime time network news
by crying crocodile tears and sulphuric acid

By reciting false jihad refrains and worn out
West Coast epiphanies

You promised to do better, to try harder

But now you got the fear,
you got a judgement coming

A test of light strobing into your inner eye,
healing and illuminating the Earth

Shining and burning like gold

Rendering you mute and immobile as
dead asteroid stone

In the endgame days of flesh and soul



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