I started running. I ran through cities, towns, under subways, up and down railway embankments, over mountains and desert plains, on and on, into shopping malls and dark blistered streets.

I strode past tower blocks and burger stores, past warehouses, along endless dirt tracks and hedgegrows, faster and harder, deep into dark pine needle forests, out across cracked soda fields, past temples and churches, past airports, over reservoirs and bridges.

I kept going, forcing my body onwards along the strobing neon highway, past jabbering junky bed doorways, past bus shelters and peace parks, past drive-thrus, bingo halls, megabowls, on and on across luminous I-pod forecourts, across deadly space-hopper mezzanines, deeper and deeper into the invisible somnambulistic hyper matrix of the zombie cell phone metropolitan elite.

I ran with immortal, supernatural power past housing estates and football stadiums, swishing through corn fields, through hot desert sand, over endless country lanes, through slaughter houses and sun lounges, yelling: ‘Come and get with this!’ On and on past casinos and cloned coffee storefronts, past aching village squares, past shanty towns and drill halls, past battery farms, rice fields, construction sites, nameless voodoo sports bars, rock venues, bird sanctuaries, hard and fast over minefields and tram rails, and old secret burial grounds to soporiferous vampire gods.

I ran through tides of dead metronome commuters and brought them back to life

I ran with love in my heart and left a shining plasma trail of diamond wonderwall tears

I tore down barriers and fought against a clone army of anthropomorphic No Entry signs

I moved like a remorseless laser scream of uber electric fluid

This was it, I thought. The eternity of motion. Nothing could stop me. I entered VIP lounges and smashed through exclusion zones, zipped across borders and tore through firewalls and neutralised scanners and security codes. I ran with this great train of humanity behind me past rows of rent-a-spot mannequins, past hawk-eyed corporate banks, past conglomerates and multinationals, past every known pixel and micro-vista demon ride of elitist global branding, past ostentation and consumerism, past surveillance cams, flash mobs, acid dolls, wax arcades, on and on past the great droning meta swarms of fabled automatic golem flesh in the fathomless Tzolk’n night.

I blazed across the world. I kept going, driving my body on further and further, gathering followers wherever I ran. Soon there were thousands, then millions, then tens of millions, and we became one sprawling amorphous mass of energy consuming everything in our path. A critical mass had been reached and we exploded in the sky like a firework which did not burn away, but instead became a permanent feature over the Earth and shone with the pure effervescence of a new star filled with the high octane of undying love.


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