Astronauts And Acid Lords

I was born in the cold war glare
of a white hot Sixties space age dawn

Of strange angel hall hallucinating Beach Boy cries
and whacked out freaks and slashed beatnik tongues

Of swirling kaleidoscopic hippie dreamtime acid
gothic waves of loved-up peyote Earth song vibes

And Hopi visions of sacred skies

Who elevated minds and expanded consciousness

Who incarnated into physical form and
remembered who they were

Who came amongst us like glowing neon
immortal sunshine

And hillside spores of electric love

To punch a hole in the fabric of time

Can you dig it…..

I was born in the Age of Love, in the mellow
turquoise haze of sacred Fab 4 prophets

Of fearless psychotropic gurus and howling
naked poets

Tie-dyed ambient dreamers and smoking twilight
vials of abandoned Cincinnati drugs

With their rainbow flares and sparkling
incandescent prime time teeth

Their molten organic journeys of
intergalactic self awareness and deep discovery

Their analogue marijuana teardrops

Their illuminated crown chakras

Their fierce Dead Sea almanacs and bright
tantric geodesic caves of the crystal mind

Man, I saw it rain with snakes and pretended
I was blind

Heard an army of warring bio genetic gods
stamping their feet and vowing to sodomise our DNA

To control us with religion

To divide us with language

To fill the world with fear so they could feed
on stricken gourmet souls

So they could convert light bodies into dark matter

So they could gorge on lo-fi emotions
and junk food world war atrocities

Who seeded planets with ugly carcinogenic guitar
solos and bitter wormwood pellets

Who hid behind the moon and cowered
from the eye of Jupiter

Who bred coldly and methodically with the daughters
of men to create ruthless Sumerian hybrids

Freaky realistic tyrants
and psychopathic shape shifting Mesopotamian kings

Who set brother against brother,
nation against nation

By conniving in the faux bakelite shadows

Who swarmed across the Earth like prohibition era
racketeers riding on boiling multi-dimensional clouds

I was born when the healing power of the Sun’s
warm holistic rays

Burned a hole in Gaia’s dark polluted skies

I came in with this vibration

I volunteered

And now I am remembering what I had to unlearn

That deep within us all we are one

We are sacred and interconnected

Coded with the blueprint of starseeds
With Divine Spirit and Universal Love

With the brilliant effervescent illuminance
of ancient elemental dreams


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