Word Mirror 03

Welcome to Word Mirror 03; a system I use to free my imagination from the tyranny and constraints of left side brain thinking and the mind traps of logic and empiricism. Remember, this is the raw material of poetry and not the end product. Each word or phrase can be broken down or added to. Read through them slowly and break out of the illusion language has cast to restrict and emasculate our full creative potential .

Silicon burial ground    Salvation virus     The falsehood liberation spree   Mind trap festival  Evanescence candy    Jamboree  karma tool  Genius code   The resurrection candidate     War booty museum    Revelation fauna    Psychosynthesis    Samadhi regulator  Stir-fry translation unit    The incarceration divide-and-rule initiative    Police state laboratory    Vaccination news   Restricted infinity     Chemtrail squadron    Nu guru plus   The audacity plague    Encryption bees    Poppycock nifty    Monogram embryo    The janitor supposition     Reversed toxicity   Lazarus elixir  Neo orgonomics    Break through oblivion   Just-in-time cosmic radiation    The terminology deception charm    Korma electronica    Dinosaur rose    Definition jelly    The co-ordinated misdemeanour attack    Serenity flavour     Amen remix campaign    The impossible nu consonant phase  Luxor hybrid     Mysterious citation conunundrum   Sentimental lifeform  Human incense    Desertion theory   The inexplicable lifeless energy vesicle    Japanese formula   Armageddon request     Disintegration hormone    Reaction protozoa    Psycho-functional primary experiment    The divination window    Resistance muscle    Technical pheremone    The inclusion iota technique    Violence button    The therapeutic necessity function    The latest however intrusion brand    Concept idiom     Developmental chewing    The bio-human mainframe device    Mustard pleasure    Concentrated gossip    Infinity medicine    Sacramento accumulation therapy    Organismic express tank    Resume’ destruction template    Alien worship  cult     Teenager solution appliance    Perforation reality repair tape     Speed  dating warehouse    Cut & paste president    Blood petticoat   Nu Lhasa directive    The infamous financial frequency scale    Old-skool Andromeda filter   Ziggurat evolution gel    Apocalypse diary    Latest humanity jingle    Spontaneous car bomb theatre    Genocide bandage    Sun apparition


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