Word Mirror 04

Welcome to Word Mirror 04; a device designed to shift your consciousness into the realm I like to call super reality.  By subverting and twisting  the conventional arrangements of words and phrases I can punch a hole through the narrow waveband of reality and connect with its true essence. The really good thing about a Word Mirror, though;  is that its magic works for everyone, not just for me.

Modified hysteria   Human light supplement     Indigenous phenomenal     Concentration laxative    Media insurrection channel     Valium wave       Hyper superficial hero kit Swine Flu depopulation  model      GovCast. Exe     Polyphonic index       Brotherhood suppression foam     Targeted frission     The wasted charisma of jugular myths     Alzheimer radical    A manual of steam       Sympathy paradigm     Antiquated quantum tool     Echo warrior     Accelerated database entrapment device    Identity hypothesis     Nerve theory     Stand-alone coordinated multiple     Rendezvous cyanide     Digital toupée     The preposterous new age ensemble     The coincidence shelter     Genetic cappuccino     Autistic rebellion shield     Business sacrament     Consumer defiance group     Zanzibar trigger    The multitudinous day-glo de facto kit     The chimera elite     About Jerusalem     Sojourn control        Autozombie     Medici stimulus package     Formation canola     Mystical action plan     Colony   disease  Haight Ashberry infiltration priests     Rat poison vaccination prog     The morpheus inquisition     Timewave incidence cult     Grand master xenophobia     Behavioural cinnamon     Mouthwash emporium     Liquid juniper     The intensity verbatim crash   The inebriation of wonder     Psycho-exquisite     Intoxication standard     Daffodil  machine   Sugar free dementia gum    Iconic broccoli     Big city desire show     Incident wasp     X-ray siren     Syndicated vermillion      Mescaline  power show  Illumination express     The meticulous sunbeam capture shield     Riot formula   Bee genocide program      Chicken satellite      Embedded tartan        Simulation address   Black opps mercury vaccination unit  The  latest nu energi spiral      Immunity malfunction squad      Voodoo mustard  Simultaneous easing     Fluoride tombpaste     High street scarcity deal      WiFi disease generator       Dumb blonde espionage ring     Rot Idol     Human infinity experience     Enemy civilian     1984 version 7.0     Extermination candy    G20 comedy club         Acid loan scheme    Modified Brain sewage     Sharia plugin. dll     Mona Lisa indifference machine     The boisterous  anxiety metamorph button     Sentimental blitzkrieg      Nu formula bliss wizard     Baby ritalin     Awareness suppressant


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