Word Mirror 05

Welcome to Word Mirror 05;  a rippling pool of  sharp phraseology and spontaneous cutting edge etymological jazz.  Remember, all words are alive and fluid in their own right. All I am doing is simply applying a little heat and electricity in order to quicken their molecular structure. The rest is up to you.

Zombie gum     Longevity councellor     SpiritDot pro 6.1.   Extreme hoovering    Salvation fractal    Old skool malware prog     Psycho junior     Genocide FM      The latest immortal veteran device     Atomic roomba     Ginger drumming circle    Nu egoFlo Clear®    Devastation fluid     Bodyguard lover     Human disorientation kit     The nu passive vaccination prog     Android blister     Psy jam  The spontaneous reflex media button      Subway kwik-e     Oil and enamel on bitch vinyl     Monobug    Metro bio-dimension     Uranium freq     Dare devil romeo pack    Sidebar honey     The Happy Terrorist burger lounge     Poison nectar     Marijuana reflex      The nu hyper jacuzzi encryption device     Midnight orange     Forbidden codec version 2.0     Crowd nutrition    Russian hangover spa     Blueprint academy     Soul forager     Bird on a stick occult symbolism    E-trauma     Bullets R Us     Quantity mite     Martin Luther sideshow     The amnesia pile experiment     MDMA Assist     Enlightenment for dummies     Soul forager     Blood contamination initiative     Google flea     National approval centre      Bee formula     Darwin’s spinny  Intergalactic genesis unit     Molecule heels   The protocols of Kylie      My favourite iso-patch     Last days of  cinnamon    Complementary global tag     Nu divinity plus  Shulgin’s basement stash     Electric wizard. exe     Hyper-embedded discord   Flash energy optimiser  Disengagement sedative     Human resolution monitor     Blue lightning acrylic on pvc   Monica’s razor     Afro-cell     The bunker-A objective    Boutique plasma    The secret life of obelisks   Yummy69girl   Nemesis kit 8.05     L-wire     Deep self exploration  fund   Fatal road accident preserved in formaldehyde and jelly    Excerpt strategy     Bliss sensitive™   Ifab Go    Suicide@home    Fungal boarding    Meat firework     Nu Guantanamo Lite SmartEmbryo E90 XL    Flashmob cannibals    What’s up with Barbie? Peyote zip-file      Radar green     M theory


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