Do you know who you are?

Your role is to switch on the Earth, to make shadows on the wall, to form weeping electrons in stone circles of flesh, to insulate all scars, to inhale the wisdom of magnetic stars

You are horizon, liberated consciousness, bright and pulsating hot molten wax, acid sons of daughters, the sound of oxygen in water, soft tinkling wind chimes, pure breezes of prana, a whirling galaxy of atoms and thrill seeking seeds, joyful and ecstatic, boundless and insatiable, fused in the catacombs of the universal mind

And now you tell me you are lost, that you come here in shame, when your only crime is to run from who you truly are, to hide like a beast in the woods cowering from the sacred truth of your existence, just remember what you came here to do, you came here to sow visions, to illuminate the darkness, to resist all their carousels and candy, to cut through their sirens of lies, you volunteered, you have a job to do, remember, you are horizon

And it is now time to light up the sky


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