Together In This

Outside the night is clear and from my window I can see
this row of houses with their lights still on

And there are lives in there,
meals being eaten and children lay fast asleep

I could watch those lights for hours and imagine all those
different worlds shuttered away and ready for bedding down

Out there alone in the darkness, we are together in this
set against time and the gently dissolving silence of the stars

Blue midnight, bringing with it the same thing: rooftop
silhouettes lit by the beams of passing headlights on the road behind

I look and wonder what we might all be doing here
and what might become of us in five, ten years time

My son is just a few months old, but already
he’s beginning to age

We have a future me and him, and his hungry blue eyes
shine with a burning vibrancy

Our lives are fused and our time together has already
settled into a weightless concentric ellipse

Parallel lines of trust and meaning, never quite converging
but the gaps in between

Filled unquestionably with love


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