Manifesto Of The Free

I want to stand for the truth

I want to try my best at all times and not get distracted

To remain focused and fiercely committed

To stand tall in the long grass and to aim high with every shot

To remain true to myself, no matter what

I want to stand for the truth and be pure of heart

To just be myself in the company of fakes

To be one with the world and to be at peace with the stars

To combine the wisdom of age with the energy of youth

To be impeccable and beyond the reach of any man’s price

To fight those who oppose me with laughter and humility

To stare into the sun and not go blind

To lead from the front and not from behind

I don’t want to keep this to myself

I want to teach it to others

So that every heart sings in the key note of freedom

And is raised above the raw drudgery of monotonous routine

I want to stand for the truth, for fairness and equality

Where every man, woman and child is given the chance to reach their highest potential

To take the path of the heart and not the easy expressway to oblivion

To go within ourselves and to aim for something that is eternal and unwavering

That flows through us all and comes out of nothing and defies explanation

And can never be defeated

A force that requires only love in an open heart and can make you feel you have the power of the sun in your hands

That is how I want to feel

Not to live in fear, but to live in freedom

Freedom does not distinguish between rich and poor

It does not recognize religion or ideology

Nor does it favour one race over another

Freedom is the fruit of the Spirit and Spirit has the power to bring us all together

To sweep aside all our differences and to make us feel greater than our sum parts

  • We can go beyond fear, beyond prejudice and ignorance
  • We can shake off the rancorous blight of bigotry and hypocrisy
  • We can find it in ourselves to live with respect for the Earth and every living creature in the wild
  • To create a world based on the old values of wisdom and unity
  • To live in communities that value love over war, harmony over destruction and creativity above censorship and prohibition
  • To exist in a new era free of the tyranny and stranglehold of money
  • To dare the impossible and to realize the vital dream of a life lived with compassion and visionary wonder

To live in the manner we were originally supposed to

Standing for the truth, for new energy, for new steps of change

Human beings of every shade and denomination

Small sparks from a huge distant fire covering the world with sweet crystal flames and warm healing embers of light


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