Diamond Heart

Think about what you most want in the world
Hold it there in your mind's eye
Allow the sight of it to stimulate your senses
Walk around it, touch it
Sniff it if it can be sniffed
Notice how vivid and how vital it looks
Now imagine all of your family and close friends
How they would react 
If all this had come true
And you had hold of your dream
That would be some moment, you think
Some of that elation would be transferred 
Over to them
And they would be magnetized towards you
They would say, Just look how happy he is
now he has achieved his life's aim
They will salute you and pay homage to you
They will ask you to go on ahead
For they will see in you 
A supreme absence of fear
A light will shine from you
And you will be in the flow of all creation
Keep breathing deeply and remain 
In your own integrity
You are on the right path
What you truly desire 
Does not exist 
Outside of your true self
But lies deep in your own inner being
There it exists just waiting to be found
And will not come if forced to

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