Last Days In Time

To those who wish to sleep throughout these
turbulent times

I offer you the sweetest lullaby

May your dreams never rouse you into


To those who wish to worship only at the
temple of their selves

I say, continue following your selfish desires


May they eventually lead you back to a
generous heart


To all the power hungry and money hungry,
the warmongers


All those old blind keepers of secrets


May you regain your sight incrementally
as you give back to those you have hurt


To those who served others without reward
who loved unconditionally, who fought injustice


Your time is coming, it is almost here


May you stand tall and receive our endless

For your work has been the real work
of ages


Your unfailing example has shone like an
arrow of light


May your story one day be told around
a campfire of cinnamon and rapture


May you always be the sunrise revealing
the incandescent beauty of the Earth


Your courage has been immeasurable,


Your golden words have weaved a lightning
coda of infinite possibility


You are the fruit of our ancestors
the diamond light of the universe


Showering us with a gentle immortality,
unearthing our genius for invention
and mastery


May we awaken to remembrance,
may we unlock the alchemy


Of how you once opened our hearts
with an indelible joy


A merkaba of elegance and laughter


A template to cut through this illusion
of discord

To traverse this auspicious splinter in time



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