Word Mirror 12

Welcome to Word Mirror 12; a mesmerizing daisy-chain of sparkling uber conjunctions, dazzling hypno-verbology and a hyper-incongruous code of dangerously correlating techno-etymology.

iriot shopping app       Blood Transmitter                
About Venus     Mandatory Thimerosal      
Armageddon 5        FreedomLenses     
The Westminster Hologram 
Kachina early warning flare          
CitizenTag Lite 8.1     Mannequin Valley 
Antennae farm weather weapon  
Drone Bombing for Dummies  
SoftFlirt.net       Gland Fracking 
Chelsea's first airport patdown 
Wall Street jump suit       James Joyce 
ripcast theory       DotProbe Buddy 9.4
Intel device       Asparagus Weekly Build your own combat burger Democracy Syndrome       f-ring Pac Man Banking Hoax       txt museum Riot Action Network       SafeHack 2.0 Homer's Guide To Domestic Terrorism Vol I The Great Rock and Oil Swindle Viva Austerity       Wake up and smell the Fascism       Stellar activation cycle Infected Link       ObesityBar Manhattan fear dynamic (V10 update) Vaseline mission       Sumer property cult A Beginner's Guide To Recurrent Corroboration Woks for Life       Thunderbird Jelly MercuryJab Plus       Latitude 19.5º Working with negatives       Android Jones Agenda 33       Nu PlasmaZip bioCaps© Kermit Drill       Advanced Law of Reverse Prosperity       SunPulse Xtra     MetaPuppet control grid       An outbreak of dissidentry The Hot 'n' Horny BBQ Combo® NouveauPoor device       CrashSync² Where's Osama? Dot to Dot Puzzle Book LooterChip Pro 0.68      Bubblegum Mary 29th Police Artillery Unit       NibiruBunker       

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